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Firmware for HP 10Gbe Pass-thru!!!!!!

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Firmware for HP 10Gbe Pass-thru!!!!!!

Nick needed to upgrade some Pass-Thru module firmware:




Hi Folks,


Can anyone help me obtain the file   10GPTHRU-   I need to help customer upgrade older pass-thru firmware and every time I try to download file, it seems to just open up with all the jibberish of the bin file






Some people replied to Nick:




Eirik answered:

Since it’s a .bin file and not zipped I would reccomend rightclicking and “save as”, really distributing files in bin can be troublesome. Otherwise, is this Pass-Thru firmware not included in the OA-firmware like all other Pass-Thru modules?


Steven had some info:

I don’t believe the FW is included in the OA distribution, based on a recent upgrade I did which had a single 10GbE PTM installed.   I’ve included part of the output listing what was found minus the full count of fans…


Device                         Name                                                        Location  Version  New Version


TRAY   | BladeSystem c7000 Onboard Administrator Tray  | -       | 1.7       | 1.7    

LCD     | BladeSystem c7000 Insight Display                         | -     | 2.2.2    | 2.2.2  

BLADE | HP StorageWorks SB40c                                            | 4     | 2.20     | 2.20   

ICBAY  | HP 4Gb Fibre Channel Pass-thru Module for c-C  | 5A    | 2.4      | 2.10.3 

FAN     | Active Cool 200 Fan                                                      | 1     | 2.7.4    | 2.7.4  

FAN      | …


And Keenan replied:

You have to use a tftp server to load the pass-thru firmware.  See the manual  page 14.  Not the simplest procedure but it does work.  I have had problems downloading ftp via the HP PC COE build of IE, but Chrome seems to work.


Attached is the .bin file I used earlier today…




Any other suggestions or comments?