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Firmware for HP 10Gbe Pass-thru!!!!!!

Trusted Contributor

Firmware for HP 10Gbe Pass-thru!!!!!!

NIck was having troubles downloading .BIN firmware files for the Pass-Thru modules.




I am not sure, is anyone else having trouble with software download from HP ftp site.


Anyway, can anyone help me obtain the file   10GPTHRU-   I need to help customer upgrade older pass-thru firmware and every time I try to download file, it seems to just open up with all the jibberish of the bin file.




Eirik replied:

Since it’s a .bin file and not zipped I would reccomend rightclicking and “save as”, really distributing files in bin can be troublesome.


Otherwise, is this passthrough firmware not included in the OA-firmware like all other passthroughs ?


And Jeroen also had some info:

And in case you have problems executing here is simple external video to make it happen:


Are you having troubles downloading these types of files? Let us know how you fixed any problems. Thanks.