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FlexFabric and Cisco FEX (B22HP)


FlexFabric and Cisco FEX (B22HP)

Hi all,


we have a BL860 i4 and Cisco FEX B22HP in the enclosure.


1. Is the FlexFabric technology supported? Can we partitioning the NICs to obtain flexNIC and flexHBA or it is a feature related to Virtual Connect technology?


2. If we cannot use FlexFabric partitioning, are we limited to have only 3 adapters that is 6 ports for both LAN and SAN connections?


3. SAN boot is supported? We need to boot HP-UX from internal hdd?


Thank you!


Re: FlexFabric and Cisco FEX (B22HP)


ONly when you have the HP VirtualConnect modules installed then you can benefit from the flex-technology. When you would use CISCO FEX then you have 1 big fat 10Gb ethernet available that cannot be split up in 4 flex-nics like you have with HPVC.


yes the Bl860c has 3 optional mezz. slots; each mezz slot can provide 2x10GB of any traffic supported by the FEX module.
Keep in mind that the BL860ci4 has in addition 4x10GBe Local LOMs as well that can be used.
However for more mezz. cards that will be used with FEX you would need another ROW of FEX modules at the back-side of the enclosure.

SAN Boot is supported on the BL860cI4 in my believing but I'm not an HP Integrity specialist; so this would some more verification if required.
CHeers Jeroen



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