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FlexNIC FCoE using B22HP FEX and Nexus 5596

Todd Coniam
Valued Contributor

FlexNIC FCoE using B22HP FEX and Nexus 5596

Anyone know how FCoE is implemented using the FlexNICs on a BL460c Gen 7/8 blade and the Cisco B22HP fabric extender module connected to a Nexus 5596?


Can the FlexNICs be partitioned into virtual NIC's (like they can be on Virtual Connects and FlexFabric) to partition the bandwidth used by Ethernet and FCoE, or is it just a single 10Gb pipe?


We've had no success in finding documents describing how this is supposed to work...

Trusted Contributor

Re: FlexNIC FCoE using B22HP FEX and Nexus 5596

Its not well documented on the HP side because its usually all controlled from the Nexus side of the house on the upstream 5596.

You will get 1 storage and 1 network function per port. So a 460 will be 2 NICs and 2 FCoE functions as an example but thats it. The additional FlexNICs are specific to Virtual Connect.

Past that I am not really sure about how to configure the bandwidth or settings as I have no experience managing Nexus switches. But there is no difference between a Rackmount server with a CNA connected directly into the 5596 vs the Blade connected to the B22HP FEX from what I understand.