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GbE2 blade switch firmware

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GbE2 blade switch firmware

Eirik was looking for switch firmware:




Hi guys!


A collegue of mine is gonna upgrade upgrade some GbE2 switches tonight and we can’t seem to find the old firmwares for these switches incase we have to step.


As stated in the release notes :


Firmware 1.0.0 must be upgraded to 1.1.0 before upgrading to 2.0.0.

Firmware must be at minimum 2.0.4 before upgrading to 5.2.5.


Does anyone know where these firmwares are located ? None on the HP website it seems.




Mike had some info:




Here is a link that has the history of revisions and links to old versions:




That was what Eirik needed. Any other comments or questions on these switches?