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GbE2c L2/L3 blade switch

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GbE2c L2/L3 blade switch

Mateusz needed to reset switch password:






Do you know how to reset password for GbE2c L2/L3 switch? One of our customers forgot the password and asked me to reset it. I am unable to log in using serial port. Any ideas?




Kind of a long answer from David:




This may help:


After changing the admin password on a GBE2C switch and the password is forgotten or lost you can still get logged into the switch using a console connection to the GBE2. But you can't get enable level access because you lost the password.




Reset the switch, while it is performing the memory test (while it is doing the dots) do a <shift>T .


The switch will end up in diagnostic mode and prompt you for a password.


Enter "admin" as the password. ("" are not used when entering the password)


From the main menu select boot.


From the boot menu enter "conf f".


You will see the following "Next boot will use switch FACTORY (f) config block".


Now enter "reset".


You will see the following: "Diagnostics# reset Confirm reset [y/n]:


Enter "y"


You will see the following: "Resetting the System ..."


Allow the switch to boot normally.


Now you can login using "admin" password and get to enable mode.


At this point you can ether configure the switch as a new switch or you can cut and paste in a saved configuration, leaving off any password information in the configuration file you are pasting in. Do an apply and a save. At this point you can edit the configuration and change the password to what you want it to be, don't forget to apply and save again.




Good info. Any other suggestions or comments?

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Re: GbE2c L2/L3 blade switch

Hi sir,

thanks for the post,


i have tried on the Gbe2 c and the procedure related here did not work

Shift +t does not do any thing.... when tacacs is locked

event typing this many time : no reaction of the system

the boot process continues without any interrruption.


have you got as solution ?


Re: GbE2c L2/L3 blade switch

Thank You!
It works), you have to connect via mini adapter null-modem (DB9-DB9, m-f)  and press long time keyboards  "shift  "+ "t".