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Gbe2c Layer 2 3 Ethernet Blade Switch

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Gbe2c Layer 2 3 Ethernet Blade Switch

Hello , I buy an second hand Gbe2c Layer 2-3 Blade switch for my HP C7000 but I cannot login into the configuration because the default admin password is changed...

So simple question , how can I do an factory reset for this switch for getting back the admin default connection ?

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Ian Vaughan
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Re: Gbe2c Layer 2 3 Ethernet Blade Switch


Do you have the null modem cable with mini adapter to console into the switch?

During startup you can shift-T into the boot menu (it may take a couple of tries to catch it perseverance is key)

Use a password of admin

Look for a conf f option to apply factory default configuration

Issue a reset and allow to restart.

The manuals are still out there if you do some digging from the product pages.

Related links - Tech support / manuals - manuals - have a dig around...

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Re: Gbe2c Layer 2 3 Ethernet Blade Switch

Yessss ! It works ! A little bit old school style (TTY lol) but it's working. After couple of try and strange menus (low level menu switch I suppose lol) I can have an access to CLi and doing an factory reset.

Thanks a lot and for information I use this for connexion :

- an USB to RS232 converter (Trendnet TU-S9) with Null modem cable

- COM parameters : 9600bps, 8 Bits, 1 stop, no parity, flow control set to XON/XOFF

- software used : Putty on win seven x64

Direction to use (from other post) :


Reset the switch, while it is performing the memory test (while it is doing the dots) do a <shift>T .

The switch will end up in diagnostic mode and prompt you for a password.

Enter "admin" as the password. ("" are not used when entering the password)

From the main menu select boot.

From the boot menu enter "conf f".

You will see the following "Next boot will use switch FACTORY (f) config block".

Now enter "reset".

You will see the following: "Diagnostics# reset Confirm reset [y/n]:

Enter "y"

You will see the following: "Resetting the System ..."

Allow the switch to boot normally.

Now you can login using "admin" password and get to enable mode.