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HP Direct Attach Cable (DAC) and CICSO Nexus interoperability

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HP Direct Attach Cable (DAC) and CICSO Nexus interoperability

Carlo was looking for DAC cable info:




Hi All,


Has anyone come across any documentation that CISCO supports HP DAC cables in their Nexus switches? The only DAC’s which CISCO has listed on their site are the c-Series cable from HP (AF785A, AF784A) which are ultimately still CISCO…


btw,  is there a later version of the “HP Virtual Connect Interoperability Matrix” ver 1.4 that someone can send me?




Chris replied:




Attached is version 2.0 of the interoperability matrix.


Not sure if it’s the latest but close with FlexFabric module and cable info.




I believe that Cisco is like HP in that if a DAC cable is not "recognized" by the switch or VC module that it will still be allowed to connect but will be in an "unsupported" state. Whereas before we, HP, would not even let it connect. If it works, fine, but if you have connectivity issues, Tech Support will ask you to change to a "Supported" cable when troubleshooting a problem.