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HP GbE2c Blade Switch and G7 Blade Servers support?

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HP GbE2c Blade Switch and G7 Blade Servers support?

Peter had a GbE2c Blade Switch question from a customer:




I got a question from onsite team if the GBE2C switch is supported with BL460c G7 servers

Now I assume they do as the VC Flex-10 nics go back to 1 GbE nics when used with 1GbE switches but since the quickspecs didn’t mention the G7 series would I like to be sure ?

Can somebody verify this?

Update the quickspecs if possible ?




From Steve:




The GbE2c is a discontinued product and the QS were retired a while back. The product was discontinued before the G7 servers were released and therefore not officially tested.

The replacement product, the GbE2c Layer 2/3 switch is electrically the same product. This switch was tested with G7 servers and the QS does state that the BL460G7 is a supported server.

Being electrically similar, there is no issue with the GbE2c and BL G7 servers.




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