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How to manage Quad Data Rate (QDR) Infiniband (IB) switch in a c7000 enclosure?

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How to manage Quad Data Rate (QDR) Infiniband (IB) switch in a c7000 enclosure?

Keith was looking to help acustomer with his InfiniBand switch:




Customer recently purchased a few c7000 enclosures, each with (2) Flex-10/10D modules and (2) BLc 4X QDR IB switches.  They’re in-process of configuring and they’re wanting to know how to access/manage the QDR IB switches (generally) and how to update the firmware (HP SUM?).  Per the customer:


I’m looking for information on how to configure them on installation, through the OA of the Blade Chassis.  I need to upgrade firmware as well as understand how generalized access to the management of the switches is accomplished.


I have the new firmware downloaded and see the instructions, but I do not understand how the internal switch gets an ip address assigned to it for the management port.  Instructions state to ssh to the switch, but on my install I don’t have the ip address or know how to configure it through the OA.


Any help/pointers much appreciated!




Input from Duane:




You may have already figured this out.   For most c-Class IB switches, an external IB fabric manager is needed to configure the switch.   OFED and Mellanox UFM (Unified Fabric Manager) are examples, the latter being more feature rich, and is typically used on all compute nodes in an HPC environment.    Some of the c-Class IB switches have an optional management module which has an embedded IB subnet manager.  


From the Install manual for the BLc Qlogic QBR switch:


The QLogic Fabric Manager is required for managing and troubleshooting an HP BLc QLogic 4X QDR

InfiniBand Managed Switch. A subnet manager can be host-based (installed and run on a host node

connected to the InfiniBand fabric). You can also use a switch-based subnet manager when certain

managed switches are incorporated into the InfiniBand fabric.

For more information about InfiniBand subnet management, see the InfiniBand interconnect documentation

that came with your system or cluster. Also see the HP InfiniBand Options for HP ProLiant and Integrity

Servers Quickspec on the HP website:





Any other help?