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Is FCoE Boot from SAN supported for Windows 2008 R2?

Trusted Contributor

Is FCoE Boot from SAN supported for Windows 2008 R2?

Phillip had a customer question:




A customer is trying to install Windows 2008 R2 using an FCOE target.


The install is successful with 64GB of memory installed, however the final stage of install hangs with 256GB of memory installed.


The configuration:


  bl620c-g7 --> Cisco Fabric Extender --> Nexus 5010 --> EMC Vmax storage array


From the SAN Design Reference Guide, it does not appear that this is supported.


However I'm looking for any additional documentation that states this is not supported.



To add confusion, HP offers an FCOE boot from SAN driver on the hp.com website (though it is dated Nov 2010), which is making this even more confusing ..


FCoE Boot from SAN drivers for CNAs and LOMs (Windows driver)






Reply from Hoa:




This should help you.


NC553i Firmware and Drivers you need.


CNA/HBA with Windows notes

This section describes information about using Windows and CNAs/HBAs.

Required hotfix for Windows Server 2008 using DSM

Systems running Windows Server 2008/Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 require KB hotfix 976748 to be installed before installing Microsoft Device Specific Module (MS DSM) as a multipath solution. For more information, see the Microsoft Support website:


HP EVA MPIO BFS with Windows 2003

HP EVA MPIO DSM 4.00.00 prevents BFS on systems running Windows 2003 if there are three or more paths enabled.

Windows driver fails to log back in

Windows driver fails to log back into the Cisco Nexus 5000 switch after switch reboot.

On Windows 2003 and Windows 2008, the link is not re-established when a Cisco Nexus 5000 switch is rebooted. The workaround is to use the Nexus Shutdown and No Shutdown CLI commands to bring the port back online.




Have you tried this? Let us know.


Trusted Contributor

Re: Is FCoE Boot from SAN supported for Windows 2008 R2?

A response from Phillip as he used the info:




Thank you for the responses I received.


The additional feedback to share:


  1. Microsoft Windows operating system does not support FCOE boot from SAN inherently (ie, using the native drivers included in Windows 2008 R2,  for example).
  2. HP Proliant servers with CNA adapters, such as the Emulex NC553i,  (at the hardware level – confirmed with ISS engineering) supports FCOE boot from SAN. Using the current FCOE drivers available on hp.com (using the revisions stated in the SPOCK documentation), we were able to install and boot from an FCOE SAN target LUN.  NOTE: the FCOE drivers are provided by Emulex for the NC553i, for example.