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NPIV support for C7000 FC Pass-thru Interconnect

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NPIV support for C7000 FC Pass-thru Interconnect

Jin-Lan had a FC Pass-Thru question:




Does anyone have documents which said FC Pass-Thru module does not support NPIV?

We really need the relevant support documents to convince the customer that their pass-thru is not supported. In this case, we can then propose VC to them.




Reply from Ramu:




NPIV is an industry standard fibre channel protocol implemented in an aggregation point like VC-FC or even in the HBA cards. NPIV helps each virtual machine to have unique WWN under a single HBA port.


FC-Pass thru does not implement any aggregation nor an active device. So no NPIV implemented in it.




And from Anton:




This documents can get your customer through the FC options, which ones support NPIV, use cases, how it looks like when connecting blades to external environment etc.

It’s non-hp URL but the hp one is not working.


Technically(although it makes no sense) I can’t think of a reason why HBAs(N_Ports)->Pass-through -> NPIV-enabled uplink FC switch won’t work as the external switch would believe that it’s connected to the FC HBA but this will add more costs, more cables and more complexity so even if that may be technically possible(someone can correct me here), I don’t believe that’s what they are asking for really so the above doc may help explaining that the pass-thru alone is not an aggregator, it can just “tunnel” the FC frames to a switch that may be able to do the magic but it alone can’t use npiv.