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Need some help on networking with 6125 blade switches.

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Need some help on networking with 6125 blade switches.

So I have a c7000 with 4 blades in it. Two of them are running 2008 server with Hyper v and the other two are runnign 2012 with Hyper-v.


Currently on the back of the C7000 I have two 6125  blade switches in the enclosure. Right now one switch has only a trunked connection and the other switch was setup for iSCSI. So the NAS's units are direct attach to one of the 6125 cards.



I have lost connection to blade server 4 and it can only be remote desktoped in via the onboard admin due to not enoght ports for the servers. I understand the 6125 have 5 ports on the back that are all 1gb ports and 16 internal ports. The last tech ran out of internal ports. 


What I want to accomplish:


What I want to do is to have the two 6125's run as HA and fail over.  And I think this is possible. I don't see how four host have taken all of the 16 ports of the internal switch. I will be moving the NAS units to a isolated vlan on a pair of switches and off direct connect c7000 6125


I'm really used to VMware and this is my first with Hyper-V. 


Any hlep is greatly appreicated