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Pass-Thru modules and Cisco twinax cable

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Pass-Thru modules and Cisco twinax cable

Kim had a cable question:






For VC FlexFabric we do support and sell Cisco Twinax cables


I have a question from a customer with Pass Thru modules if he can use twinax cables from Cisco…..

It is not mentioned in the Qspec as it is for VC Flex-10 modules.




From Vincent:

The 10Gb Pass-Thru module does not check the manufacturer id of DAC cables. I believe Cisco cables (the passive ones) have been tested successfully.


From Chris:

Also, keep in mind that there may be a FRU update to the PTM to fix a timing issue with the Cisco DAC cables.  The newer OA releases will inform you if an update is necessary.




Any othe comments or suggestions? Interesting question from Kim when all the information checked was on Virtual Connect modules.