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Port Mapping C7000 and 6125

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Port Mapping C7000 and 6125

Having a issue with mapping ports. 

I have a new Gen 9 blade server with a HP ethernet 1Gb 4-port 366M adapter. I have Vmware ESXi 6.5 loaded on the blade server. On the C7000 I have the two mezzanine ports mapped to two 6125 Switches which are in a IRF. 

When I do a "display mac-address" the address that are listed in the Table view for the Gen9 blade server in question do not show up in the 6125 mac address list. 

The blade is in slot 9on the c7000 so ports 1/0/9 and 2/0/9 are assigned and I have them tied to the correct vlans. Also on the 6125's I have 4 other blades connected and working fine. 

What am I doning wrong for the Mac address's that should be assigned to port 1/0/9 and 2/0/9 not to show up as what is listed in the the table view and vmware?


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Re: Port Mapping C7000 and 6125


If you are using mezzanine cards in blade, so they will correspond to different interconnect bays.

Please, see page 67 of document

and also check attached picture.

If it's not clear, please, collect and attach showall (insert it in txt file).

Thank you!

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Re: Port Mapping C7000 and 6125

The other 4 blades used, are they also gen9?

Are you able to see the NICs in the OS as expected?

Note: 366M does NOT have a HPE driver for ESXi 6.5. It is the inbox driver from vmware.

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