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Question: BL660 Gen9 - FEX Support?

HPE Blogger

Question: BL660 Gen9 - FEX Support?



Patti wrote in asking about FEX (Fabric Extender) support for the new BL660 Gen9 server blade:






I am looking in the Quick Specs for the B22 FEX support by our BL660c Gen9.


Does the FEX support the BL660 Gen9?


I see it in SBW (Sales Builder for Windows) but not in the QS.




Dan respondedwith several additional links for information:




The 660 itself has no clue its connected to a FEX.


It’s the NIC that cares, so you need to check the individual NIC QuickSpecs in order to see if it’s been tested with the FEX (though they sometimes forget to update the QS, so if it's missing it’s not always accurate)


The 3 NICs in the 660 Gen9 QS are:





All 3 documents on Page 2 list the HP Cisco B22HP Fabric Extender as a supported Interconnect, so I think you are all good.




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