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Software for GbE2c

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Software for GbE2c



A customer received HP GbE2c switches with software version 5.1.3 pre-installed.  I checked the HP web site for current software and manuals, but ended up very confused.


The firmware download site proposes versinon 5.2.8 as the current version, however I could not find any documentation for this version other than release notes.


The HP web site provides documentation dating from December 2006 without mentioning any specific softwer version.  And there is also documentation available for version 5.1.3 Advanced Functionality Software.  Looking at the command reference, the commands shown in the older documentation seem to apply to the version of software installed.  The newer commands, such as l2/failover, shown in the 5.1.3 AFS documentation are not available on the customer's switch.


What is the difference between v5.1.3 software and v5.1.3 AFS software?  Are there different software images for these, or is there some kind of activation key for the AFS features?


If I download the latest V5.2.8 software from the HP web site, will it be with the new AFS functionality or will it be a "basic" version with the old cli commands?  And is there any documentation specifically for this version of software?


Thanks for any help in clarifying this.