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VERTICA Solution with ProCurve 6120XG switch Connectivity

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VERTICA Solution with ProCurve 6120XG switch Connectivity

Christy had a customer question:



 I’m looking for an answer to a customer’s question  in relation to the Procurve 6120xg config within this solution:


“Is this two ProCurve switches are logically one switch? So you required one uplink and one redundant uplink. How this two HP ProCurve switches is interconnected with each other? This HP ProCurve switch blade server has layer 2  functionality only so you require spanning tree ?”


                My understanding is these are 2 x redundant switches however if someone with experience on this product could confirm please or point me in the direction of someone who can answer them!




From Vincent:




Yes, the ProCurve 6120XG has 2x 10Gb links to the adjacent switch through the midplane, but the 2 switches remain logically separate (no IRF or equivalent technology) and spanning tree should be used to prevent loops.




And from Chris:




The interlink ports are not enabled by default and if the customer does not want spanning tree they do not have to be used. You can also use UFD Uplink Failure Detection to disable internal ports if the uplink goes down.




Any other comments or suggestions?