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bl20 g3 only showing 1 nic

Occasional Contributor

bl20 g3 only showing 1 nic

I have a bl20 winth windows 2008R2 Stabndard. I can only see 1 NIC, the BIOS has them all enabled, just reset NVRAM. What could be causing this. I have other blades with all 4 nics showing? Checked the settings in the GBe2 Interconnect swtich and all setting are the same accross all blades. Need some help.

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: bl20 g3 only showing 1 nic

There's a chassi admin interface too, maybe there's a setting in there.


If you have a free slot in the chassi maybe you could try to move the blade and see if it is the same there.

Re: bl20 g3 only showing 1 nic

Are the other blades in the same enclosure?

If the enclosure in which the blade is installed is a non-enhanced backplane then one NIC will not be seen as it is taken for iLO connectivity.






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