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iscsi network for a C3000 Enclosure and DL360 G9

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iscsi network for a C3000 Enclosure and DL360 G9

Dear HP Network experts,

I'm looking to find the simplest way  to extend an iscsi network adding 2 new HP Proliant DL360 G9 to the actual department infrastructure based on a HP C3000 enclosure with 2 Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3120G for HP used for lan production connectivity and 2 HP VC Flex-10/10D Module used for direct iscsi connectivity to an HP P2000 iscsi storage, internal lan for backup and clustering between HP Blade 465c G8  inside the enclosure.

I have to connect a new HP Proliant DL360 G9  to the iscsi storage because we have to use devices not supported on HP Blade 460/465c G8.

Then the usual way to extend the iscsi network is to connect the VC Flex to 2 Switch 10Gbe and then connect the new DL360 G9 and the HP P2000 storage to the 2 10 Gbe switch where configure iscsi network.

VC is not a switch, then i cannot connect the external HP Proliant DL360 to the external SFP+ and any other iscsi devices other the P2000 to configure its the same network

Is it possible to change HP VC Flex-10/10D Module  with 2 new HP Procurve 6120XG and configure it to connect the blade 465c inside the C3000 enclosure, the HP Proliant DL360 G9 using SFP+ adapter, and the P2000 storage (so i can reuse the HP VC flex in an other blade context)?

Any experience  on similar HP Procurve 6120XG configuration?

Thanks for any suggestion