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vPC on Cisco Nexus vs. NON vPC

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vPC on Cisco Nexus vs. NON vPC

Joe asked about a CIsco function.



Does anyone have a document showing the disadvantages (bandwidth, failover, etc.) of connecting VC modules to Cisco switches using vPC.





Reply from Dan:




Here is a quickly revamped diagram I have used on here before.

Now there are 2 tabs at the bottom for Active/Passive vs Active/Active designs.


I also pulled out the Upper and Lower mentions that were specific to the customer I created this for.


Past that, the main differences I see are in the Active/Active design.

With vPC and cross connects (the diagonal uplinks), losing an upstream switch will cut the bandwidth in half on both sides.

With/Without vPC and NO cross connects and SmartLink enables, losing an upstream switch will cause half the NICs to go down but the other half would still have full speed on uplinks.




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