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16GB DIMMs in BL490c G6 blades

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16GB DIMMs in BL490c G6 blades

Manfred had a memory question:




Do we support the following DIMMs in the BL490c G6 Blade:


HP 16GB (1x16GB) Dual Rank x4 PC3L-10600 (DDR3-1333) Registered CAS-9 LP Memory Kit                627812-B21

And is it possible to run the Dimms at 1333MHZ with a population of 6 Dimms per CPU?

The Server has a X5670 CPU inside.


I didn’t found this information in the docs.




Reply from Phoebe:




Unfortunately, we don’t support this memory in BL490c G6, but BL490c G7 blade via the following site.

àSelected HP hardware compatible with this item...


For the speed, please refer to the [DIMM slot/capacity/populated speed table] in BL490c G7’s Quickspec.

If you install 6 DIMM per CPU and 2 DIMM Per Channel, it can run at 1333 MHz.




Info from Gallig:




This DIMM has not been qualified on this server because it has certainly been introduced after the EOL of the server.

There is no technical reason why this DIMM won’t work on the BL490c g6. It’s just a question of being supported or not.


If you decided to go with this DIMM and populate only 2 DIMM per memory channel (6 DIMM per CPU), you will be able to run them at 1333MHz.