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560FLB Ethernet adaper - Configure VMQ/SR-IOV

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560FLB Ethernet adaper - Configure VMQ/SR-IOV



I have BL460 blades configured with 560FLB adapters running Windows 2012 with Hyper-V. We use both VMQ and SR-IOV, depending on the OS running in the VM. The problem is, the default configuration for VMQ/SR-IOV queues is 1(!) VMQ and 62 SR-IOV:


gwmi -Namespace "root\virtualization\v2" -Class Msvm_VirtualEthernetSwitch | select elementname,MaxVMQOffloads, MaxIOVOffloads


elementname   MaxVMQOffloads   MaxIOVOffloads
----------- -------------- --------------
Hyper-V Trunk   1   62

If I was running Intel drivers I would just fire up Intel PROSet and reconfigure it to something more fitting, but PROSet is not included in HPs OEM drivers. How do I configure the number of VMQ/SR-IOV queues using the HP driver for 560FLB?