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802.3ad performace issue

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802.3ad performace issue

Victor had a NIC teaming question:




I’m having an issue network performance in my customer. Details are shown here:




802.3ad teaming configuration don’t use two nics to send or received traffic, as a result, we are only using 1Gbps bandwidth instead of 2Gbps available.





2 x BL460c G7  with latest drivers and firmware

P410i Smart Array and 146.8GB SAS disks configured in RAID 1 (I think that my storage array is not a bottleneck)

Customer are using pass through in the interconnect bays 1 & 2

Nics are NC553i connected to the same core switch (CISCO 6500).

Nic ports on the core switch side are configured in LACP.



Test Scenario


To test the bandwidth, we are coping 2GB file from one server to another one. The source file are in local SAS disk and the destination copy also will be SAS disk. Both servers are in the same network. There are no firewall between them. When the file is copying I can see the team Utilization bandwidth is only 1Gbps because there are one NIC that is not working.





Comment from Mike:




The outbound data is load balanced according to TCP conversations so as to minimize out of order packet delivery. So if you have a single destination you will use only 1 NIC for Transmitting.




Any help for Victor? Should he just change his testing methodology?