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A question regarding the BL460c Gen8 product.

Trusted Contributor

A question regarding the BL460c Gen8 product.

Question from Marc:




I have been going over the QuickSpec for BL460c Gen8, and a question came to me.


  1. What is this: Two (2) cache slots for FBWC battery options. I was sure that battery was out of business for this option.




From Jeroen:




Indeed it is not clear and I have marked this for change to the QuickSpec responsible team.


  • The text Base sku for Configure-To-Order (CTO) build contain:  Two (2) cache slots for FBWC battery options


Should read in my believing: Base sku for Configure-To-Order (CTO) build contain:  Two (2) supercap placeholders for FBWC battery options\


Keep in mind that the BL460c Gen8 ONLY supports 1 single P220i that is mounted above the CPU.
There is no option at all to put a P420i controller into this Blade Server.


And they should not defined as "batteries" if they are "Super-caps".




From Kim:






But do NOT use the word battery, if it is not a battery. It is misleading.




And from Marc:




Here’s a good document I found that explains in detail the workings of the Super-cap:




Any other comments?