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Adding new firmware files to firmware release set or folder on DVD 9.0 iso.

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Adding new firmware files to firmware release set or folder on DVD 9.0 iso.

John asked again the procedure to add packages to the latest HPSUM package:



How can the new ILO2 firmware 1.82 and new BL460cG6 bios 2010.3.30 be added to the release set or dvd 9.0 iso files/folder to streamline steps to update blades with current firmware? Is this doable?


Zoltan replied:


I have just added them to the swpackages forlder (yes, on pendrive...)

In automatic mode they behave very good, it seems that always the newest one will be applied. I was really pleased of this feature. For me the SA controller FW was critical, this was added.

In manual mode the new logic of the HPSUM is a bit tricky, you have to know from the start that you will deal with out-of-bundle package(s) and select the box for allowing their usage. If yes, there will be enabled checkboxes for these packages so you will be able to select whichever you want of them. But if you forget to select the out-of-bundle checkbox previously you will see your extra pachages as well on the screen, but their checkboxes will be greyed, so you will not be able to select them. Just exit HPSUM, go back, and select the checkbox.


So, yes: it is possible!




Ah, if only software didn't improve and add features, etc. Then we would not have the whole issue of updating.

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Re: Adding new firmware files to firmware release set or folder on DVD 9.0 iso.

Zoltan added more info to his information regarding firmware upgrades:



A „a high level “how to”” :-)))

I have just simply copied the affected packages to the swpackages folder. Full stop. :-)))


But let’s try to detail>

  1. You have an iso image of the 9.0 FW DVD
  2. You put it on a pendrive with the HP USB Key Utility found on the same page with the FW DVD. First trick> as the iso image is about 800MB (as I remember) you would expect that it will easily fit onto a 1GB pendrive. But NOT! During the preparation of the pendrive the utility will request at least 1200MB (!!!), so at least a 2GB pendrive to be used...
  3. On that pendrive there is the x:\HPFWUP900\hp\swpackages folder that contains all the individual packages. I have just copied here the newer packages – NO repository edited, NO xml trick, NO removing the older ones, nothing.... I gave it a try, and magic> it works. After the automatic run of the upgrade the FW version was of the newer one, not the older one from the 9.0 FW bundle. There was no “serious integration” in its classical meaning.
  4. Obviously, you have to copy there the linux online packages (.scexe files) as we are talking about the FW CD-based FW deployment – wich is nothing but a simplified linux environment. And those packages are also downloaded from the Support and Drivers page of the affected device or product.
  5. Just give it a try, it is really very simple – and I am happy to find something that really works well and simply. No problems encountered, it just works as it has to. Which is not the case for example of the OA-based ISO sharing....
  6. So I even tried to use the iso image on a pendrive inserted into the OA, and presenting it to individual blades. I tried it for only two blades, they booted up and both of them got locked at a point. This issue might have its own reasons, but it was enough for me / I succeeded with going through all the blades individually upgrading in parallel with two or more pendrives (yes, I had only about 30... :-)


But the automatic FW-upgrade is really cool...


(and after that it will automatically boot to the os even with the pendrive plugged...)

(and even if it will boot for second time it will just look around behind the scenes, and do nothing, continuing to boot the OS – this might be a test wether  every FW component has done its job...)



Other input into this topic? Let us know if this helps.