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Are BL460g8's compatible with B320i controllers ??

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Are BL460g8's compatible with B320i controllers ??


I have a number of BL460 G8 server blades that I'd love to put SSD drives into, drives that acually run at 6G SATA per drive bay, not like the normal P420i which steps SATA down to 3G which isn't good for 1TB SSD drives

I'd recently found B320i (software) raid controller for the BL420g8's (also DL360e and DL380e) which could be a nice solution to my SSD issue.

To be honest I don't even need raid, I just need the SSD drives to run at the max speed

I know the quick specs don't show any support for the BL460G8's but the card looks like it would fit as a replacement to the unwanted P420i controller ??

Regards, Daniel

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Re: Are BL460g8's compatible with B320i controllers ??

Or even, what about the new "HP SMART ARRAY H244BR" for the G9's ?

I know hp won't support it but it would be very nice if they worked in the BL460 G8's ?

I just want simple SATA hba for front facing SSD drives