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Auto Power On for Blade servers

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Auto Power On for Blade servers

Yee had a blade "power on" question:




Hi all,


Suppose all my blades are shut down and idle (I have configured it to boot up automatically after the power outage) and I yank out the power cables to the C7000.


Will the blade servers boot up automatically after I put back the power cords back?


I’m not certain if yanking cables out when servers are already shutdown is considered a “power outage”, not too sure if this auto power-on will kick in in this case.


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Dave had some advice and info:




There are two places to set the ‘power on’ feature for blades. The important power setting is within the iLO Web Administration page. If the ‘Automatically Power On Server:’ is set to ‘Yes’, then the servers will power on after power is applied.



If this is set to ‘No’, then the server will stay powered off, until manually powered on.


         If the ‘Device Power Sequence’ is set to disabled then it will depend on the ilo Power settings of each server blade. When Disabled and iLO is Yes, the server will power on. If this is Enabled with a time delay, the server will wait for the ‘Delay’ # of seconds. Also the interconnects delay must be Enabled and configured with a time.




       If you have this set:




The sever will not power on.




Good info from Dave. Does this help?

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Re: Auto Power On for Blade servers

Hello Experts;


We have HP blade servers currently working. When we power-off / power-on full rack via circuit breaker OnboardAadmin and VirtualConnet power on automatically but all blade servers stays as power-off. We need to manually power on all blades.


All setting are configured to power up server blades automatically as you see attached file.


May you please advice?



Best Regards


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Re: Auto Power On for Blade servers

I didn't work for me until I've rebooted the blade server, pressed F9 = Setup, and in BIOS go to Server Availability, Wake ON LAN = Disabled, F10 to save + reboot...after disabling Wake on LAN the server didn't auto power on again when I gave him shutdown in Windows.