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BL20p G3 Power up Issues.

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BL20p G3 Power up Issues.



I have recently taken delivery of a fully populated p-class chassis with 8x BL20p G3 blades.  On delivery most of the blades powered up and ran.  Having had the servers down for a couple of weeks as I have been installing and building the infrastructure I find this evening that all eight fail to power.


I am running ILO 1.94, so I do not believe it is the power down failure issue that is common below 1.88, and most had the BIOS updated not long after delivery.


The power supplies are showing green status, all blades are powered but none respond to the power button (although the ILO log shows it as pressed).  If I set the blades to automatically power up, then the show the internal health led as solid red - although nothing is logged in the ILO logs.  I( have ejected all but one of the blades and moved the blades around in the chassis, nothing seems to help.


I cannot believe all blades have died, so am thinking perhaps the chassis elements are causing the fault?  I have no access to any other hardware, and the server is too old for a current maintenance contract.


Any thoughts how I might go about trouble shooting?


All best,