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BL25p G2 + NC320m w/ 1 port disabled

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BL25p G2 + NC320m w/ 1 port disabled

We are using a BL25p G2 with a NC320m. 1 of the ports is listed in RBSU (and iLO) as: MAC address for NIC4: DISABLED


Can anyone tell me how to get this port enabled?


Server is:

BL25p G2 BIOS: A11 (4/5/2007) OS: HP Branded Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2


NIC is:

HP NC320m Drv ver: (B57XP32.sys) Boot code 3.58.0


HP NCU: 10.45.01


I have tried SetLACState, DevCon, and WMIC. With each tool I can enable the NIC but only under Windows. I can find the NIC in windows and assign it a driver. NCU will not see the 2nd port. I have cleared the NVRAM, Restored default system settings, erased user defaults and reset the configuration using system maint switch.


Any help or hints to a solution would be much appreciated.



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Re: BL25p G2 + NC320m w/ 1 port disabled



This reply is proabably a bit too late. Have you checked that the switch that links to has the port enabled at the switch side? Might be that the downlink is disabled so the blade wont enable it?