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BL25p - Red Health Light and won't power on

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BL25p - Red Health Light and won't power on



I've had for a number of years an enclosure running 4 BL25p blades.  One of these blades failed about a year ago, and the other day I had reason to suspect a cabling issue for another one so I tried to swap the two servers over in the enclosure.  Since then both servers will not power up and merely have a red health light and an amber power light.

After trying to resolve the issue for days, I swapped one of the duff ones with a working one, same thing happened.  So I now have 3 out of the 4 servers not booting, with a red health light and an amber power light.  I can get onto iLO for each one, and can't see any errors in the iLO logs.  I tried flashing one of them to iLO 1.94 as I saw an article that suggested a post problem with older versions of the firmware,, but this didn't resolve it.


Are these servers genuinely dead?  If so are they really that fragile that just swapping enclosure is enough to finish one off?


Any advice appreciated


Re: BL25p - Red Health Light and won't power on

James, it has been a very long time ago that I worked on BL25p Blades; I'm not sure if you talk about the G1 or G2 model.
But RED power LED could mean as well something is not right on the PowerSubsystem; I would assume you have checked already the PowerManagement module serial port or iLO page to verify that  enough power is available? I would think yes but maybe just doublecheck. If iLO LOG or IML does not indicate any failure then I would almost think you have a classic example where the PCA was good and working for a very long time until it hit a new reboot and then the inrush current of a component that was already on the edge of failing just failed at that moment due to the inrush current during power-on.

I would not have any other assumption based on the info you provided below.


Cheers, Jeroen


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Re: BL25p - Red Health Light and won't power on



I wanted just to mention that some customers had the same issue and after checking my database i was able to find resolution which helps actually .(hardware replacement). The idea behind the resoltuion is to replace at least 3 parts at once(checked and confirmed from at least 12 customers):


Affected platforms: HP ProLiant BL20p, BL25p, BL30p, BL35p, BL40p, and BL45p


  • PC Board: System board with heat sinks

  • DC filter module circuit board

  • DC/DC power converter module


    In some cases(diff. generations from p-class blades) its need to be replaced only 2 parts, mainboard and power converter module. after that the server should be able to start again correctly.







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