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BL460 G7 and Logical volumes

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BL460 G7 and Logical volumes

Torben was looking to help a customer:






I have a customer, who is trying to create 3 logical volumes on their BL460 G7 servers


Both if you use Smart start or ACU you can only create 2 logical volumes, the button create logical volume, disappears after the creating of the second volume


Do we need Cache or license keys to make more logical volumes ???




Hiro had some info:




Hi Torben,


Does your customer add cache memory module?

If your customer use Smart Array with zero memory, you can create only 2 logical volumes.


Logical Drives Supported

Zero Memory, Up to 2 logical volumes
256MB cache and greater, Up to 64 logical volumes




Good info for Torben. Any other comments or suggestions?