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BL460 g7 blades and "dongles"

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BL460 g7 blades and "dongles"

Ian had a USB question:




What are recommended/supported options for license key dongles with BL’s?


Can they be used in the internal USB, or just via front panel cable? 


Does using cable to front cause issues with closing doors or anything? (I am thousands of miles from the C7000, so cannot physically check).




Some input:




From Cullen:

If they fit, they should go in the internal USB.  If you install in the external USB and close the cabinet door, it will snap off and damage the blade.


From Eirik:

Other options include USB-ethernet hubs, I have some customers using these with 6 USB receptables on one end and ethernet on the other end.


How they work \ connect to servers I do not know, but used for licences.


From Ian:

At least when using with VMware, we have found AnywhereUSB to be a support nightmare. Perhaps works better with physical hosts.


From Dan:

I’ve used AnywhereUSB with VMware in the past and it wasn’t that bad.  The trick we found was to make sure the device and the VM were on the same VLAN/Subnet.


As far as Physical servers, I would definitely go internal if you only have

    1.  Remember that for the G7 the USB port is under the hard drives and you need to remove the

    2 Torx screws from the sides to get the hot swap bays out.




What are you using? Any other comments or thoughts?