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BL460's do not see fiber disks ifrom MSA2000

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BL460's do not see fiber disks ifrom MSA2000

A little background is I have never used fiber before. I started buying some 10G patchcords for use with Cisco network switches and things just worked. This got me overconfident and so I have tried the same with fiber san and it no worky. The fiber cables I purchased are 3m LC-LC Duplex 50/125 Multimode 10 Gb Fiber Patch Cable Aqua om3

I have a qlogic card in a standalone server and things work fine to thew MSA 2000 uysing the above cable so we know the MSA2000 is good. I see a LUN when I scan and was able to create a file system, etc.

This is all an issue somewhere in the HP7000. I have two fiber modules. I have a Cisco 9124E in interconnect slot 3 and I have a brocade 4/24 in interconnect slot 4. Each blade has a Qlogic QMH2562. When I do a scan on the Qlogic mezzanine card it sees nothing.

I have the Cisco 9124 hooked with fiber from its X1 slot to controller A module 1 on the MSA 2000. I have the separate server connected to controller A module 2 on the MSA2000. I have the Brocade connected to Controller B Module 1 ont he MSA 2000 and an unconnected SFP in Controller B module 2. Controller A module 1 hooked to the 9124 showed nothing when hooked to the Cisco 9124 module that came with it in X1. Controller B Module 1 hooked to the Brocade can tell something is there.  I pulled an SFP from the brocade and put it into the X1 slot of the cisco and now the MSA 2000 sees something but I have no link on the 9124..

I have some really basic questions like 

1. Are all SFP modules the same? So far I have been buying cisco for the cisco netowkr switches and HP for the MSA2000. Did I make a mistake by usign one of the Brocade SFP's int he Cisco 9124E?

2. Did I buy the wrong cable? Since this cable works connecting the MSA2000 to the HBA int hew standalone server it has to be close but since these are patch panel cables (I understand RX/Tx are crossed), did I need straight through cables because I am connecting switches to the MSA2000 instead of a server.

3. Assuming by some fluke of luck I did not mess up using the Brocade SFP in the Cisco and the first SFP was just bad, How do I confirm I have the connections good and it is down to a config issue on both the Cisco and the Brocade?

FYI, I found this video on youtube and used it to config the Cisco. Not sure how to do a password reset on the Brocade. I was hoping it would all work liek a network switch and thigns would default to working.

Any assistance on how to move forward woudl be appreciated.