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BL460 with Q-Logic FCA QMH2462 - Unable to present disks to Windows Cluster

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BL460 with Q-Logic FCA QMH2462 - Unable to present disks to Windows Cluster



I have several BL460 in a C class chassis.  Recently updated  2 of them to Server 2012R2 for testing purposes.  I am unable to present disks on my San (Hitachi AMS200) via a qLogic QMH2462 to the cluster, i get the following error when running the validation checks.


"Disk partition style is MBR. Disk type is BASIC. The required inquiry data (SCSI page 83h VPD descriptor) was reported as not being supported."


The Fibre Channel Adapter is a QMH2462  (http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/blades/components/fibrechannel/qlogic/index.html)


This worked under Server 2008 R2 (Also tested and not working on Server 2012, moved to 2012R2 in the hope it would be resolved)


Strangley, I am able to present the disks to the host through Disk Management and read\write successfully, just Failover Cluster Manager is not happy.


Can anyone shed any light on this?  Details of the drivers\firmware follow...


Product Identifier : PCI-Express Dual Channel 4Gb Fibre Channel Mezzanine HBA
Part Number : 404986-001
Engineering Date Code : E-4830
Serial Number : MY585022Z0
Misc. Information : PW=6W
Manufacturing Date Code : 4850
Manufacturing Id : CU0410401-02 B
EFI Driver Version : 02.22
Firmware Version : 05.03.15
BIOS Version : 03.13
FCode Version : 02.03


Windows Driver Version