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BL460C G6 / BL490C G6 + VC + iSCSI (P4500)

Patrick Neuner
Regular Advisor

BL460C G6 / BL490C G6 + VC + iSCSI (P4500)



we use several BL460C G6 and BL490C G6. All of them Connected to Virtual Connect (Flex-10)

Now we want to integrate an Lefthand P4500 iSCSI SAN into this Env.

We need to Boot from iSCSI Volumes (centos 6 and ESXi) - but we can't get it to work?


Already searched about this problem - and some ppl say it should work and others say the g6 Servers can't boot from iSCSI Devices ... could someone please enlight me on this? And maybe give me some hints how to get this working?


Thank you


Patrick Neuner
Regular Advisor

Re: BL460C G6 / BL490C G6 + VC + iSCSI (P4500)

Here our own reply if anyone stumbles over the post:


Starting with G7 it does work, or using another NIC within the G6 that is capable of using it.

Downside on G6 with other NIC: If getting G7 or G8, you would need separated NIC's there aswell when you want to use the same Blade Center and the same Virtual Connect Switches.


We accepted it and installed base system onto the server, until we upgrade to newer hardware and move to ISCSI Boot, that would be supported by the included NIC's. 


Using it with G6 might be possible with some other  PBXE Boot Loaders, but not out of the box when using Virtual Connect and wouldn't have offloading.