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BL460C G7 - Disable one CPU socket

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BL460C G7 - Disable one CPU socket

Pramod had a licensing question:




My client want to buy BL460C G7 server with dual sockets.


He want to enable only one CPU socket since he has Oracle license only for single CPU socket (quad core ). By next year, he will buy more licenses to enable the second CPU socket.


Is it possible to disable one CPU socket (out of total two) at BIOS level ?




Input from Keith:




Hi Pramod, unfortunately Oracle do not recognize the “disable x86 cores via the BIOS” approach for licensing purposes – the customer would still need to license all cores physically present in the Proliant server.


If they don’t wish to utilize the only “partitioning methods for Oracle-recognized licensing on x86” (Oracle VM with capped VM’s, or Solaris x86 containers) then it is recommended they physically remove the 2nd processor and place it on the shelf…..