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BL460C Gen8 ILO4 issue

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BL460C Gen8 ILO4 issue

i have several BL460C Gen8 blades that are having the same issue with the ILO4... i see an ILO4 failure on the power up splash screen...also, there are  ILO log messages...the firmware has been update to V2.44(latest)..also have tried switch6 reset and removing system battery to clear nvram... think it is a NAND PCA issue but the PCA is not removable/replaceable in a blade...

note:the ILO functions properly...

from ILO event log:

Embedded Flash/SD-CARD: Failed restart...... also..Rest API Warning: Rest API memory cleared (iLO master storage directory was rebuilt. Reboot system.).

from ILO4 Diagnostics :

Embedded Flash/SD-card ...Controller firmware revision 2.10.00 Failed restart


Any insight would be greatly appreciated...

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Re: BL460C Gen8 ILO4 issue

Do you have any media installed in the embedded slots (either USB or MircoUSB slots)?

If not, then it may be a system board issue.  I know you say you have several going on at the same time, but this could be a hardware issue...



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Oscar A. Perez
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Re: BL460C Gen8 ILO4 issue

Since you already upgraded iLO4 to version 2.44, try reformating the NAND partitions by sending to iLO the below RIBCL script.  You can use either HPQONCFG or HPQLOCFG utilities to send the script.   

 <LOGIN USER_LOGIN="Administrator" PASSWORD="Password">
  <RIB_INFO MODE="write">


Then, wait few minutes for iLO to finish formatting the NAND and, if the issue persists after that, contact HPE support.  


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