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BL460G6 - SPP & Windows 2008

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BL460G6 - SPP & Windows 2008



I am trying to upgrade a server (BL460 g6), I want to upgraded Firmware & Drivers in Windows 2008 Std Ed  using the latest SPP image.....I downloaded the SPP Full image and I have mounted the image in iLO and can see the files under windows....but I don't appear to be able to run HP SUM because it says This version of E:\hp\swpackages\hpsum.exe is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running?


I have been looking about on HP website all morning trying to work out how to resolve the issue.....There doesn't appear to be a differnet version of the SPP to download....


I know I can boot the image to upgrade the firmware (but what about the drivers?) - all exe files I click on report the same thing?


What am I doing wrong? - everything I read says that its supported????   - I can't HP SUM remotely because the Network Teams block the ports due to security concerns......So How to I perform an update to a local server using a ISO Image?



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Re: BL460G6 - SPP & Windows 2008

> mounted the image in iLO


Perhaps this is causing problems somehow?  Can you copy the files directly to the blade's hard drive and run SUM there?


Otherwise, try downloading the drivers/firmware directly:




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