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BL460c Converged Network Adapter (CNA) ExtTransferSize setting

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BL460c Converged Network Adapter (CNA) ExtTransferSize setting

Paul had a customer network tuning question:




I have a customer who has a performance issues with HP Data Protector with BL460c Gen8, HP MSL library and EVA4400. DP support recommended he set the ExtTransferSize on the hba to 1024kb, which in this case is the 554FLB adapter. The server is running windows 2008 R2, but can’t set this parameter on the 554 FLB. He can however set it on his G7’s that have additional Emulex HBAs.


Question, can the 554GFLB on Gen8 blades have ExtTransferSize parameter changed?




Input from Dave:




You should be able to change it with the Emulex OneCommand tool:




I have changed it recently on a customer to control IOSize as indicated here:




Any other comments or questions?