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BL460c G1/G6 in VMware Cluster (CPU Errors)

Joe Uselding
Occasional Visitor

BL460c G1/G6 in VMware Cluster (CPU Errors)

Hello All,

I was working today on adding 2 new hosts to my VMware ESX 3.5u4 environment with VirtualCenter 2.5. The 2 new blades are HP bl460C G6 servers. Previously I had 3 blades clustered into an existing environment that are BL460c G1's. All 5 blades are running Intel Processors but the 2 new ones are running Nehalem processors. I set them up with ESX 3.5u4 and put them into my cluster. (now 5 servers)

When I attempted to migrate a couple of VM's over to them, the first host took the a VM just fine. The second host threw an error message saying the CPU might be incompatible and referenced a document on "Enhances VMotion Compatibility (EVC) processor support". I read through the document and it talked about enabling EVC. Unfortunately, my 3 existing hosts (BL460C G1's) do not support EVC. I checked the BIOS and they don't support Intel Virtualization either.

I am wondering how or if I can use all 5 of my hosts(blades) in a cluster, or if I will be forced to put 2 of my host(blades) into a cluster and have another 3 in a cluster?

Thanks for your help.




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Re: BL460c G1/G6 in VMware Cluster (CPU Errors)


Have you got any update on this, please?

I have a cluster with 4 hosts ESX U4 BL460c G1 and we recently purchased one BL460c G6.

I am wondering if the vMotion is going to work?

Many thanks