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BL460c G5 E200/E200i controller not seen

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BL460c G5 E200/E200i controller not seen

Gary was looking for some help with a customer issue:






                I have a customer that has seen 16+ BL460c G5 servers (C7000 Enclosures) at several sites around the US, that will intermittently not see the E200/E200i Array controller if they perform a shutdown from Windows 2003 and then power the server up using the power button on the server.  I updated firmware to the latest V9.10c release and no help, some of the servers consistently fail every time. If we reseat the drives (72GB SAS) while it is attempting to PXE boot then power cycle or reseat the server and power on then controller is seen again.


                The customer has been having us replace system boards to resolve, not completely sure this fixed issue as it was intermittent at the site where they replaced the system boards, it did appear to fix the issue though.


                Has anyone seen this issue or has any insight to what the cause and resolution is?



More info:

                The issue appears to be related to the 128MB cache modules p/n# 413486-001 this is the ROHS version of 351518-001, although when I search the product number parts listing and look at the Service Guide it only shows the 351518-001 part as a spare?


                I am going on site tonight to replace 5 more and will see how the servers act, the previous fix of reseating the server or drives was intermittent and had to be done several times on some of the servers to get them to see the array controller at POST.


                The server that failed consistently was resolved by replacing the cache module with one from a server that was not having the issue.




Sanjeev replied:




Please use the cache spare 595720-001 for smart array E200.


Note: Spares Kit Number 595720-001 (cache module) supersedes Spares Kit Number 351518-001




Any other suggestions? Have you seen this issue?