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BL460c G6 Firmware downgrade

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BL460c G6 Firmware downgrade

Darren needed to downgrade a server firmware version:




We have a customer that has a “validated” firmware release rolled out across their estate of about 450 sites with C-Class blades.


They have BL460c G6 servers and the validated BIOS release is dated 2010.08.16


We have recently replaced a system board in server and the new board has come with 2010.05.05 installed.

We have been unable to downgrade the firmware to any previous releases.


This is a screen shot of the error we get :





I wondered if this was because it was a “newer” release of board, so, I jupgrade the firmware on a test server I have to 2010.05.05 and I not cannot downgrade the firmware on this blade either.


Does anybody have any idea why we can’t downgrade the firmware ?




From Svatopluk:




Here is document which you need:


Advisory: (Revision) ProLiant G2, G5 and G6 Servers - After Upgrading to the May 2011 (or Later) Revision of the System ROM, Special Steps Must Be Performed if it Is Necessary to Downgrade the System ROM to Revisions Earlier Than May 2011




Any other comments or suggestions? Have you successfully downgraded a server BIOS?