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BL460c G6 and Online Spare Memory Configuration

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BL460c G6 and Online Spare Memory Configuration

Pawel had a server memory question:






What are the requirements for Online Spare Memory Configuration in BL460c G6?

Online spare should be available with Intel Westmere processors, but this option is not available for BL460c G6 with 2x X5670 CPUs, 6x 4GB (24GB) of RAM and firmware according to Smart Update DVD 9.2. Do I need at least 2 memory DIMMs per channel?




Answer from Dan:




Online Spare is not supported in BL460c G6.    That option shouldn’t appear in the “Advanced Memory Protection” options in RBSU on the BL460c G6; let me know if you’re seeing it.


The DL380 G6 does support Online Spare when you’re using Westmere-EP (Xeon 5600 series) processors and the Online Spare features is supported in BL460c G7.




Other comments? Are you using the Online Spare feature? What does it provide you for benefits?