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BL460c G6 and internal USB slot

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BL460c G6 and internal USB slot

Antonin had a customer question regarding the internal USB port on the BL460c G6:




Hi guys,

One customer needs to know wants to know how much space is available within a BL460c G6 for a USB dongle in the BL460c G6. They need to put the security dongle there and they worry about the space.

Could someone help?




Phoebe found the answer:




If you want to use USB key or memory in the internal USB port of BL460c G6.

The USB key's size should be: 8×19×80 mm (H×W×D)


I only find Japanese configuration guide mentioned how to calculate the size.

page 23



Although it's in japanese, i think you can understand the picture on the right top side.




Thanks for digging Phoebe. Are you using this feature?