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BL460c G7 NTP Settings

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BL460c G7 NTP Settings

I'm trying to script out my iLO setup, somehow (evidently I am that good) when I ran a script it set the Timezone location to GMT.  The side-affect was that you couldn't then boot from an ISO.  While I am still a little confused on all of that; I did find that changing the location to America/Chicago fixes the problem.  To script that change I had to deselect " Use DHCP Supplied Time Settings".  I can add the time servers in for Primary and Secondary, but I am always hesitant as that points to a specific IP.  


Does anyone know if that setting makes a difference to a BL server?  If I leave it unchecked and don't put in any servers will the BL get it's time from the chassis?  Or will it do that if I it checked?