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BL460c G7 - Remove 1 Processor and 1/2 memory?

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BL460c G7 - Remove 1 Processor and 1/2 memory?

John had a server question:




Customer wants to know, if they remove one of the two processors (and it’s associated memory) from a two processor BL460c G7, do they need any fillers or other parts to replace the removed parts (they’re thinking processor socket blank, memory slot covers, air baffles, etc.). 


If so, how/where would one source the parts?




Reply from Diane:




You can get that information on the service guides on SAW.  It tells you there that you have to have a blank in the processor 1 slot if you don’t have a processor.  The memory doesn’t need blanks.  You can get the part numbers from SAW also.




Remember: You have to be an HP Employee or Business partner to get access to SAW.