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BL460c G8 Linux appliance install

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Occasional Contributor

BL460c G8 Linux appliance install

I'm trying to install a NetIQ Linux Access Gateway on a BL460c g8. The LAG is based on SLES11SP1-64. I can't use the kISO to install, as it won't accept the gateway iso as valid to continue.


What files do I need to update on the gateway iso so that is sees the disk on the g8? It loads hpsa, but does not find any disks to partition for the install. Just to verify I used the kISO and a regular SLES disk and I was able to install.

Honored Contributor

Re: BL460c G8 Linux appliance install

The kISO I know is a CD/DVD image manipulation program ( ). Exactly what are you doing with it in this case?


Have you configured the Smart Array controller yet? You can access the controller configuration at boot time by pressing the F8 key while the controller is initializing: there should be a prompt for it on-screen. If the controller is not configured for some reason, the driver won't see any disks at all.


HP offers an updated version of the hpsa driver for SLES11 SP1 and SP2. I guess you would need it (or something similar) with the LAG too:


The download page includes instructions for preparing a USB stick that you can use for providing the update to the SLES installer. It says the regular SLES installer will allow you to press F6 to make it accept updated drivers like this... perhaps the LAG will have the same mechanism available?

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Re: BL460c G8 Linux appliance install

Thanks - that was the file I was looking for. I was trying to follow this advisory:


I just have to remember to dismount the usb before the appliance install starts or it wants to install to the usb.

Jimmy Vance

Re: BL460c G8 Linux appliance install

Odd, I replied to this last week, but it didn't post


I'm checking to see what the kISO is checking for on the SP2 boot media before it continues, but I don't think that will really help in your case.


Since your kernel has hpsa, you might try adding "hpsa_allow_any=1" as a boot option.

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