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BL460c G8 and Red Hat EL 5 U8 64-bit problems?

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BL460c G8 and Red Hat EL 5 U8 64-bit problems?

I received six new BL460c G8 with 64GB each. After kickstarting them I see random errors on all of them. The first blade after install would stop at mounting the file systems because mount would segfault immediatly followed by fsck seg faulting.


Reinstalled it again and this time it boots through but fails on rpm related stuff. Installed the other 5 blades, seeing similar issues there too. rpm doesn't necessary seg fault but has problems with data reading the rpm db.


Others have issues with some of the yum/python stuff, dbus daemon starting, avahi-daemon seg faulting.


I can install EL6 and I don't see any problems besides one thing when booting where I get a abrt/crash fault in intr_remapping:


WARNING: at drivers/pci/intr_remapping.c:715 enable_intr_remapping+0x73/0x2af() (Not tainted) Hardware name: ProLiant BL460c Gen8 Your BIOS has requested that x2apic be disabled.

This will leave your machine vulnerable to irq-injection attacks.

Use 'intremap=no_x2apic_optout' to override BIOS request.


Tried calling support but they hung up on me after being on the phone for 45+ minutes and haven't called back so far.


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Re: BL460c G8 and Red Hat EL 5 U8 64-bit problems?



Please check this one.





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Re: BL460c G8 and Red Hat EL 5 U8 64-bit problems?

I encountered all of these same issues trying to install RHEL5.5 on new G8 blades.


I know, I know...need RHEL5.7+ for G8's.  I will try to reproduce issues encountered by original poster using RHEL5.8.


I'm concerned that this issue will prevent us from being able to use RHEL5.x on G8 blades, is there a magic driver or HP firmware update which will fix this? Going to RHEL6 is not an option for many of our environments at this time.


I would think this issue would be impacting a lot of admins.