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BL460c G8 boot from external CDROM

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BL460c G8 boot from external CDROM

We are having an issue with updating some BL460s using the SPP.  In one of our C7000s there are a number of these blades that freeze at the screen where the HP icon is pulsating and it looses the iso that was mounted.  Other blades in the same chassis have worked just fine using this method.


To troubleshoot this I connected a USB CDROM to a blade via the suv port.  We burnt the SPP to the disc, but the blade does not seem to recognize it to boot from.  The light comes on the drive and disk spins up, but it won't boot from it.


Is there a trick to this?

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Re: BL460c G8 boot from external CDROM

burned to double layer disc? Can you run hpsum from the disc if mounted to a running pc?

Consider to create a bootable usb stick.

Hope this helps!

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